Entitlement to free eye test / discount on glasses!

If you regularly use a VDU (Visual Display Unit – computer monitor) at Dudley College, then you are entitled to the following:

£20 off your eye tests

£30 off frames

£80 off lenses

You will need to provide the original receipt and a note from your optician stating the glasses are for VDU use. Once this has all been checked and approved, you would then be notified that a cheque is ready for collection from our finance dept.


PMR (Performance Management Review)

This is a process of annual reviews that all tutors must undertake on a 1-to-1 basis by achieving a number of set targets throughout the year. These targets have increased significantly in the last few years and many questions have been asked on how attainable they actually are. It clearly states in the ‘Performance Management’ procedure that the targets set must follow strict guidelines:


Tutors should not agree to unrealistic targets as they will be held directly accountable when those targets haven’t been met. Dudley College uses these PMR scores to justify pay increments and also to justify whether to keep a member of staff should they be put at risk of redundancy.

CPD (Continued Professional Development)

At Dudley College, you are entitled to 4 CPD days per academic year. This is detailed in the ‘Working Time Policy’:


Examples of Scholarly activity:

Reading latest journal articles
Going on external courses
Doing online courses related to your job
Watching youtube videos relating to your role to develop your skills
Reading around a new subject you are delivering
Reading new exam regulations