Black Country Area Reviews

UCU Dudley College attended the Pre-Steering Group Meeting (20.05.16) to which all union representatives were invited to speak with David Collins (FE Commissioner & Area Review Lead) about progress in the Black Country Area Reviews.

As this was the 2nd of 5 meetings, very little information was divulged and only general feedback was given. David Collins appeared largely satisfied with the financial health of Black Country colleges and questioned, “Why mess with it if it works?” He also stated that although this may be the case, there will likely be some “tidying up around the edges needed.” When pushed for clarification, he explained that development of the ‘high needs’ provision would be investigated further and good working relationships between colleges encouraged.

Three more Steering Groups are due to take place:

3rd Steering Group – Finance and Estates

4th Steering Group – Options for Recommendations

5th Steering Group – Formal Sign-off on Recommendations

Overall, the outlook appears positive for Black Country colleges with no major concerns or changes planned at this initial stage of the process. UCU Dudley College will keep you posted on any updates.

David-Collins-Landscape-1024x647                                 David Collins – FE Commissioner and Area Review Lead

Report of meeting with FE Commissioner Friday 20 May 2016



“Dudley College and Sandwell College are both doing well and are strong enough to stand alone.” – David Collins

Below you will find the full report below written by Anne O’Sullivan detailing that “all colleges [in the Black Country region] in scope of the review work well together, are financially sound and offer a good quality provision”

Report of meeting with FE Commissioner Monday 20 June 2016


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