David Monnox – New UCU Rep

We would like to congratulate David Monnox on becoming the newest addition to Dudley College’s UCU rep team.

David Monnox : Sports Lecturer, EVOLVE

I have been working full time in FE for nearly fourteen years, at some large colleges such as Matthew Boulton, BMET, South Birmingham and South Leicestershire Colleges.  During my time I have held positions such as Lecturer, Health and Safety Representative, Curriculum Coordinator, Curriculum Manager and until last year Performance Coach.   

During my time in education, I have seen a big change in the expectations and workloads of staff within the college environment, due to the financial constraints and college restructures and as a result, I recognise the importance of supportive and effective union representation, in order to maintain members’ physical and emotional health and wellbeing whilst at work.   

I have also experienced, seen and been aware of injustices in the workplace due to various malpractices and I feel that as a Union Representative I will be supportive to our members due to my approachable and personable manner.  I am a motivated individual who sees tasks through to completion and in addition, I am not afraid to ask difficult questions when they need to be asked.



3 Week Rule – suggested offer accepted!

After three meetings with Andy Comyn and Kathryn Jones, the ‘3 Week Rule’ issue regarding annual leave was brought to the Joint Consultative Committee meeting. It was suggested that “a line manager can authorise more than 3 weeks continuous annual leave instead of having to contact the Assistant Principal.” This offer was brought to the last full UCU meeting (28.06.17) and attending members voted unanimously in favour of accepting this offer.

The current annual leave policy is as follows:

“…3 weeks continuous holiday can be agreed by the line manager. Where staff require holidays of more than 3 continuous weeks they should make the request in advance to their Vice Principal, with sufficient advance notice, so that the college’s business needs may be fully considered prior to a decision being made.”

We will confirm with all members once this amendment has been ratified. All staff will then be able to put in requests for up to 4 weeks’ annual leave, ensuring the college’s business needs are considered, and this should be approved by your line manager. If you believe that any requests have been unfairly rejected, please contact a UCU rep.